Welcome to Canadian Space Services Ltd. (CSS)

Canadian Space Services Ltd. (CSS) provides field services for all types of antenna enclosures and geodesic domes. From routine maintenance to turn-key project management, CSS provides fully integrated radome services. CSS field services are provided by mobile teams that service all types and sizes of radomes. CSS technicians have worked on every continent throughout the world.

Canadian Space Services is also associated with CSS Wind, an independent service provider in the renewable energy industry. Please visit www.csswind.ca

In the United States, Canadian Space Services is associated with Radome Services LLC, another independent provider for radome supply, installations and maintenance.
Please visit www.radomeservices.com

Why Choose CSS

CSS offers a fully integrated service. CSS installs and maintains radomes. With over four decades of experience, and an effective management team, CSS has evolved with the radome industry. CSS understands its customers’ needs and unique requirements. Contact CSS for more information.

Quality Policy

Canadian Space Services Ltd. is committed to providing the best quality service possible to its customers by:

  • Implementing and maintaining a strong business ethic
  • Providing resources to achieve each project’s requirements
  • Fostering employee education, dedication and empowerment

The CSS Quality Policy is to strive for safety and excellence in providing radome field services.