Types of Radomes

A radome is an electronic antenna enclosure. These enclosures are made of either rigid self-supporting materials or air-inflated flexible fabrics. Radomes are used to enclose radar systems and satellite communications (SATCOM) antennas.

There are three major types of ground-based radome, shown here:

Sandwich Radomes:

A sandwich radome is a rigid, self-supporting shell type structure constructed of doubly-curved panels which form a spherical dome. The sandwich radome is widely used throughout the world.

Air Supported Radomes:

An air-supported radome is a flexible fabric envelope that must be inflated at all times. Its operation depends upon a non-interruptible power supply and redundant blower systems. The envelope fabric provides the most favourable RF characteristics.

Metal Space Frame Radomes

A metal space frame radome is a rigid, self-supporting structure composed of triangular panels assembled into a geodesic dome. This type of radome is most commonly used in severe weather locations.