CSS Expertise

Canadian Space Services Ltd. (CSS) manages radome projects and provides the expertise required to successfully complete radome installation or maintenance programs.

  • Budgetary and project planning
  • Consultation
  • Engineering and construction services
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Site work plansete turn-key service.

Maintenance Services

CSS is an independent service provider offering complete radome reconditioning and refurbishment including cleaning, sealing and painting – as well as replacement of accessories.

Radome Modifications

CSS will make improvements and install upgrades, such as:

  • Lightning protection systems
  • Interior slings
  • Aircraft warning lights
  • Secondary tie-points
  • Zenith venting
  • Personnel hatches
  • Air circulation systems
  • Interior lighting

Assembly, Installation and Removal

CSS will also provide:

Panel replacements | Radome relocations | Antenna replacement

Inspection Services

CSS provides full radome inspection services, including: Exterior and interior radome structure, Coating and sealant, Radome accessories, Hardware torque testing, Base ring interface, Radome Inspection Report.

Radome Provider

CSS will furnish a complete proposal to procurement various types of radome. Included with supply, CSS will manage all logistics, installation and maintenance to provide a complete turn-key service.